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Complaint: AAMCO 1369 Dundas St E. Mississauga,ON L4Y 2C7 I live in Columbus Ohio, and as I was traveling to see my girlfriend in Toronto my car experienced transmision problems. I had my car taken to the AAMCO dealer mentioned above on Saturday March 18th 2000. I spoke with Pat on the phone, and he said he would do the 39 dollar test. Pat called me back to tell me that motor was fine but my trans had problems. Pat told me that if it was just the soft parts it would be about 1600 dollars. He also let me know that it could be more, but would not be able to dertimine that until he opens the transmision. On Monday March 19th, we had talked to the warranty company (this warranty was from the dealer where I got the car) the warranty company explained what they did and did not cover. Pat called me on Tuesday the 21st to let me know that the warranty company was sending a person to inspect the trans to be sure it should be covered. Pat mentioned that the case is cracked also. Pat called me on the 22nd to say “good news they are going to cover you up 2100 dollars

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Address: but you ahve to come up with the rest which is about 1400 dollars!!! I knew my warranty company should pay for everything except a 100 dollar deductable

Website: he told me that he could not use that rebuilt trans

Phone: so I had to call them to find out why thy were only paying 2100 dollars. The Warranty company said it could get a rebuilt trans for 1500 and that shop could install it for a total of 2100 bucks. I called Pat back to tell him what the warranty company said. He then said they are using used parts and does not know about the warranty. I called my warranty company and they told me it was parts and labor and nationwide. I thought great

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