Aamco Glen Ellyn, IL


AAMCO Glen Ellyn, IL Horrible Service Glen Ellyn Illinois!!. I brought my car in for some auto repairs – front struts and new front motor mount. When I got the car back it was pulling to left when I drove the car. I called Aamco and they said I needed a complete realignment! I took the car back to the dealership and had them check out the car. They told me that the front strut on the left side of the car was not screwed in properly and that I shouldn’t have been driving the car like that! Acura wrote a letter to Aamco attesting what they found. Now, 18 months later, I have my car serviced at the dealership and they tell me both front motor mounts need to be replaced. I told them that I just had one recently replaced? They inquired about it because they said one of the motor mounts was missing some of the bolts and was not properly replaced and was now broken. Really??? More missing bolts??? Aamco is a complete sham! I called their customer service number on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to file a compliant and no one returns your call in the alloted 24 hours that is mentioned on the recording. I will never go back nor send anyone to ANY Amoco Tranmission center. There is no quality of work and their service sucks all around!

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