Aamco in Pottstown


Aamco in Pottstown Went in for check engine light. Told me what the cause (supposedly) was. Found out later that a transmission was needed by another replicable company. Pottstown Pennsylvania!!. Went into Aamco because my check engine light was on. I was told that a speed sensor was needed. Light came right back on. Took the car back. They claimed they test drove it and no light came on. That didnt sound right. Took it to two other replicable automotive specialist. They told me that I needed another transmission. And was told that Aamco should have known that another transmission was needed. Arent they TRANSMISSION SPECIALIST! Took it back to them and they had they dumbest looks on their faces. They knew they had gagged me! But yet did nothing. I would dare have them look or repair anything for me.

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