Aamco of Hackensack


Aamco of Hackensack Crooks Hackensack , New Jersey!!. I brought my 2005 Toyota Siena to them to get a transmission rebuilt and they made it worse ,I didnt have a vehicle for 3 week these guys are crook especially the owner Leo budin he’s a lire like the managers that work for him I paid $4200.00 that my insurance paid for it crook Leo call me up 2 days before I came in to pick vehicle up that was 12/7/12 I told him il pick it up Monday morning at 8am when I got there with my wife we paid and my wife start to leave with the car and the light in the dash broad was lit up the tire light was on the brake light on so she came back and told me I call Leo the owner of the location and ask him what you do here fix car or break car my vehicle didnt have those light on when I have the vehicle tow here I had it check out before I had it tow here to he start looking for he manager and mechanic couldnt fixes the lights Leo start tell me that the paper he has shows the lights wher on he show it to me I said how I know you didn’t go to the back and wrote that down you self he couldn’t answer me I said I’m going to take vehicle to Toyota to get it check out by real mechanic so I did Toyota told me that they broke the sensor when they took the transmission down incomp mechanics I call leo the crook back that afternoon and told him what Toyota find Leo the crook start to tell me he has the best worker for him I said just give me my money back and let Toyota fixes it right he said no so I call the Armco corporation and made a complaint and a certify letter 2 days later I get a call back from a guy name Tom from Aamco corp I think he name was Tom not sure don’t remember they tow vehicle from Toyota Leo the crook never said sorry to me or my wife they had my car for 2 more weeks got it back 01-04-13 crook Leo drive the vehicle to Toyota I meet him there I had the vehicle check again the vehicle still not work 100% il never do business with crook Leo and the people who associate with him PEOPLE WHO READ THIS PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM CROOKS

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