AAMCO SCOTTSDALE AAMCO, AAMCO TRANSMISSION, APOLLO AUTOMOTIVE INC DID NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR WARRANTY AS ADVERTISED SCOTTSDALE Arizona!!. * DO NOT USE THIS AAMCO * We spent $4,300.00 for them to rebuild a transmission in our motorhome on Nov 14, 2015. On March 9, 2019 took it back in for the same issue we had repaired in Nov. At this point they stood behind their warranty and rebuilt the transmission AGAIN which by the way took them a month to complete. Just a little over month later when we were driving it to Colorado the transmission locked up and it was stuck out in the middle of nowhere, when we called AAMCO to inform them of this and that we had to have it towed to the closest AAMCO shop because we assumed they would stand behind their warranty like a month before… they wanted to have nothing to do with it… we went back and fourth with them for over a month and the final result was they told us they were not going to warranty the work… even though it was just a little over a month from when they rebuilt the transmission for the second time! I would NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE TO USE THIS AAMCO THEY PICK AND CHOOSE WHAT AND WHEN THEY WANT TO STAND BEHIND THEIR WORK! ** BTW WE HAD TO PAY ANOTHER $4,000.00 FOR REPAIRS AND $1,600.00 TOW BILL

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