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Complaint: I did work for aamco for eight years ,and got screwed buy the owner ,Lane Carey, This guy the owner is putting used transmissions in cars and trucks that come into the shop and selling them as rebuilds ,he is buying them from al’s auto salvage in pa and painting them with silver spray paint on the transmissions and painting the tourqe converters black or blue colors. This has been going on for as long as i’ve been there eight years and it’s time to bring this to a stop. The owner ,Lane Carey ueses a pay scale that he made up for the flat rate personel called Focous it takes time from the people who are making him money and he is charging the coustomer the regular rate so he can put more money in his pocket!!!! This is wrong !!!! This guy is dumping used oil and oily mop bucket water down the rain gutter sewer pipe behind the shop inside the fence this is wrong!!!! If you have a problem with any work done by this company and the owner Lane Carey and take it back to get fixed your car gets put on the back burner because he already got your money might be a coulple days before he even looks at it and when they look at it the want to charge you for some thing else that you dont need so he can make more money off of you . This is wrong!!!! This guy LANE CAREY would rip off his own family if he got the chance !!! DON’T TAKE YOUR VEHICLE TO AAMCO IN BEAR DELAWARE TO GET WORK DONE YOU WILL BE RIPPED OFF !!!!!! They are giving other shops that are doing a honest job a bad name ,This must stop!!! There is paper work that the mechanics must fill out when the vehicle comes in, We call a check out ,but they call a multi point inspection (MPI) , When the mechanics check the vehicle out and make there reconmedations on what the vehicle needs the owner adds things to the reconmedations that boost the price up things that the vehicle dosn’t need ,It’s time to bring this to a stop.

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Address: 819 Pulaski HWY Bear, Delaware United States of America



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