Aaron Tabor (Jesus Daily) Pueblo Colorado


Complaint: This is guy Aaron Tabor is a SICK individual. He ripped me off for a thousand dollars from me. He is a RACIST Medical Doctor. From what I hear this isnt the first time he has scammed someone. He also post photos of sick children that come through the Hospital where he works just to gain FAME and LIKES to his fanage on Facebook. He also tried to rip another guy off whp paid him for a Facebook campaign but when he expoed him as a scammer he tried to get him shut down on Facebook by reporting images on his page that came from Google because he is worried about other people taking fame and attention from his page. Aaron Tabor is a SICK WACKO he gains popularity by posting pics of of sick kids, fake JESUS photos, and other individuals just to monetize his page for money while scamming other hard working individuals.

Tags: Computer Fraud

Address: Internet USA

Website: www.facebook.com/JesusDaily


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