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When I started doing business with this shop, I gave them my card information so I would not have to always come into their shop to make my payment. But this would only be when I told them it was OK to process the payment. nBut late last year, they sent a payment through to my bank without my authorization andnthis caused a deficit with other scheduled payments. I complained and they reversed the charges but the damage was done as some major bills went unpaid and caused severe havoc on our budget. nNot more than a month later, in January of this year, they did the same thing and because we were coming off the Christmas holidays, with a number of bills that were scheduled, again we were put into a large deficit in our bank account. We had a number of NSF charges and returned checks and non-paid bills. nAgain, I complained and they reversed the charges but my account was so far in the red that even after putting the money back, I was still unable to pay my bills. nSo I talked to person called Dan. He told me that he was in charge of my account. I brought paperwork that the bank compiled for me which detailed all of the returned payments and the NSF’s that I charged because of their negligence. He told me that he would have to discuss this with the DM for his store. nA few weeks later he told me that they would credit my accounts for the last couple of months to satisfy the almost $600 that I lost to their error. A few months ago, this person left the store but told me that this situation had been discussed with the managers there and would not be problem. nBut just yesterday, I talked to a Mike, who claims that he knows nothing about this and that Dan would not be able to make these type of agreements. And now he says I should talk to his manager Todd. nTo me it sounds like they will say anything and do anything to just get your money and not take responsibility for there misdeeds. That one unauthorized transaction has caused me grief for a number of months after the fact and I will not let them just do what they want and just leave it as business as usual.nI have already begun to talk to a number of people who work in various political areas of the city and a few friends who have access to the media because this is just not the way to do business with people for most part, are already having financial issues. nAnd BTW, just in case they try to rebut this notice, I am currently behind on my accounts because I asked them to clarify this whole situation so I can know what my situation was. The denial of former facts has prompted me to hold any further payments as I seek legal recourse for my financial losses from this whole thing.nThese people just do want they want and do not care about the families that they are impacting with their actions nCorteznDetroit, MichiganU.S.A.

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