Aaron’s rental Trion Georgia Review


My son, a truck driver ,laid down $500 to rent a 72′ tv only to learn a week later that he was losing his job because the company was shut down by the DOT so my son promptly gets another job in ND paying a lot more money and he has to move that next day. I call Aaron’s and tell them he is going to have to return the TV LONG before the next payment is due ( he paid over 2 months in advance) and they REFUSED to give any refund at all out of that $500!! What a rip off! a scam! criminals is all I can say! and they put that very same TV back out and resold it for the same amount! They were $500 richer and laughing all the way to the bank with that boys money… They are ALL the time taking advantage of people because they do not have the credit to go somewhere and buy! How does this company stay in business?

11220 Highway 27 Internet United States of America

(706) 859-7052


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