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I purchased some items from themI always make my payments on time and in store cash transactions to receive a copy of my receipt on handand if Im going to come in a day after I call and speak directly to Steve Reader the manager of that location (payment is due every 15th but, I have a 3 day grace period afterwards before its late) but, Im always on time Last month, on Wed. July 15th, I contacted Steve direct and explained to him I was going to be in on the 18th Saturday once I receive my payrolland so he noted it in hes system for thaton Friday July 17th, I received a call from hes account manager Mariana demanding payment, and she also threaten to pick up my stuff due to late payment I explained to her that Steve Reader (Store Manger) was aware of my arrangement to come in on Sat. 18th, (still in my grace period)She was extremely rude and continued to harass me at work I contacted Aarons on Sat. 18th morning and spoke to a sales person to let them know I wont be because of my payroll not being received to please let Steve Reader know and that Ill be in on the 29th of July to make a payment Come Monday July 20th Mariana (account manager) contact me again at work around 1:20 very rudely, demanding and told me my payment is past due and Im going to pick up our merchandiseAgain, I explained to her I contacted there office and told them of arrangements. I then personally contacted Steve Reader on Thurs. July 23 and 24th to touch basis with him regarding my July 29th payment on my lunch hour, he was perfectly fine with that and said; No, problem Ill note it in the system On Wednesday July 29th, I received a very extremely disturbing call from once again Aarons Furniture at about 12:34pm it was Marian again, this was the phone approach; Miss De La Cruz, your account is delinquent and I have my trucks on there way to pick up our stuff NOW!!! I explained to her that I spoke to Steve and was to come in today on my lunch hour to make an in store paymentshe said; to late, theres nothing showing that your suppose to arranging a payment for today I then left my office, and went to Aarons to make my payment and speak directly to Steve Reader to see what was going on As I got there Mariana was extremely rude. I asked to speak to Steve Reader (Store Manager) and she denied it, she replied hes not here!!! I asked; will he back soon she replied; I dont knowI explained to her that here rude calls and threaten me at my work place was inappropriate Her exact words were; I can do whatever I want, and need to get payment or my merchandise back I replied; Does that include threaten your customers too??? she replied; YES!!! Whatever I need to do I was shocked and she continued threaten me and then she said; leave my store now, I dont need to deal with you!!! she was yelling at me I explained all this to Steve Reader that afternoon because he came in afterand I still have not received any word back from hes managers And today, again the same thing happened and hes VP from that store called me looking for payment again, after I contacted hes store and left a word on Satu. August 15th, of me coming in todayhes VP went off on me too, threatening me and also kept tell me hes stores personal business to as hes; Im calling because your due, and my trucks are coming, and because no one has paid there bill he kept entitle to Hes store didnt receive payment or money from anyoneover and over he kept repeating himself They have mistreated me and have been threaten and rude, and I want to also take this into matters Can this be done also???

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