AARP/ALLSTATE ROADSIDE TOWING They say your not covered for towing if you have an accident. And I also have extra for the 100 miles Internet!!. I have Allstate Roadside Towing, through AARP. I pay extra for 100 mile towing. I have an accident on 3/20/13. I called them and they told me I am not covered for towing if I have an accident. WHAT!!!!! Towing is towing, what does it matter why. I don’t understand. And why am I paying more for the extras. This is a joke, this is what happens when you think your getting a deal. I’m going back to AAA….. Someone needs to do something about this. The commercial says they will never leave you stranded. Well they left me stranded. And they make sure when my bill was due they took the money right away. Thanks for looking, [email protected]

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