AARP Road Side Assistance


AARP Road Side Assistance bate and switch Nationwide Nationwide!!. AARP Roadside Assistance form Allstate is unethical and shambolic servuice provider and not to be trusted due to the following reasons as we have experienced it since we became member for our cars late last year. In several instances we have encountred the following issues and counting 1. All service calls are dispatched to low bid, unprofessional and unrelibale subcontractors….they are really bad you often get trasfered severla times until someone helps you… 2. It takes hours (not 45 minutes as they claim on the phone and their hand book) to get service 3. Their roadside assistance subcontractors show up in unprofessional and unprepared manner (often in small old “rinky dink” sedans) as they oftern show up in their own personal car without any roadside assistance equipment 4. Last week, when we called them to assist us with roadside assistance for fuel, we had to wait for 3.5 hours before we finally received fuel. The first so called subcontractor showed up and did not even know we needed fuel. He left and came back with one gallon of fuel (AARP deceptively advertises that they provide two gallons) and asked me for money. When I refused to give him oney he left and said he will be back but never came back. When we called AARP back they told us that they were told by the subcontractor that the fuel was provided and the service was completed. We told them the story but AARP delayed our service and passed us to several people on the phone………Finally after nearly 4 hours, another very unprofessional (in a rinky dink old small sedan that appeared he needed help himself) subcontractor showed up with fuel. On top of all of the baove I received a letter form them claiming that I have nearly exhausted my services for the year (I have used 4 services out of 5). So AARP is decpetively couting their own misfirings and blaming me us for it. We think they should be investigated for conducting unethical business practices. The problem is that their official letter head (neither does their web site) has no forwading address, fax or phone numbers for us to write a stiff letter of complaint back and get our money back. Does anyone have their information?

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