AARP ROADSIDE LONG WAIT, DRIVER NOT IDENTIFIABLE, UNRELIABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE Nationwide!!. I live in Pittsburgh Pa. I went to my car this morning and had a dead battery. I have always had AAA in the past and this was my first experience with AARP and from the start it was not good. I called to reach an automated service which took forever then I put in my call ( I needed a jump) and they gave me a wait time of 90 mins which is pretty long but it was the first snow of the year so I tried to be patient. Almost 2 hours later i called and asked how much longer, after a 15 min wait on the phone they said it would be another hour because we had snow in the area. Snow in Pittsburgh in January…Imagine that! After that hour I called back and after about another 45 minutes a plain white van with no markings pulled up and a guy with no ID or paperwork jumped my battery with a small battery pack. Do they only employ 1 person for the whole city? This was ridiculous and I am rejoining AAA today.

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