AB ENERGIZER Springville Tennessee Review


I received an Ab Energizer belt in March, 2002. I used the belt for about 1 week or so just like the book described. I noticed blisters forming on my lower abdomen. nI went to a doctor and I had received 1st and 2nd degree grouped burns to my lower abodmen. I then stopped using the belt and started using an antibiotic cream. Of course, the burns are gone but I have white spots/scars on my lower abdomen that the burns left. nI still have the blister making, abdomen burner, scar leaving belt in it’s case and locked in the closet. I had to pay, out of my pocket, medical bills, medication, gas for transportion to the doctor, the belt itself, and time off work. nI was just wondering if I was the only bruned victim with alot of out of pocket expenses. nBurned and scared for life nGinanSpringville, TennesseeU.S.A.

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