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Complaint: Back in January of 2012, I purchased a 97 Ford Taurus station wagon from ABC Auto, located on N. Florida Ave in Tampa, FL. While they had many vehicles on the lot, I was told it was the one I could afford. I drove off the lot, thankful that I finallya car.3 months later, the thermostat blew and I had to have it towed there. After financing the cost of repairs, which came close to $300, I drove off the lot. Flash forward 3 months, the water pump blows. My car is towed back to the dealership for more repairs.I was informed that I was behind on my payments, which is funny, since it supposed to be automatically withdrawn every other Friday, except instead of Friday, the make the withdrawal a day or two later. Not only that, but I was told the payment for the 16th wasn’t even attempted.Since the payments aren’t current, I can’t get my car back, until everything is caught up. The best part is the work on the car wasn’t even started, though I managed to scrounge up the money, they won’t begin work on it till I arrive with cash in hand, and even if paid today, my car still won’t be ready till tomorrow.After much arguing and postering, they relented and said I can come and make my payment once my car is ready. I expect that something else will happen in 3 months, after I finish paying off this repair. If I were anyone reading this, I personally avoid this “dealership””

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Address: so you have to suffer the embarrassment

Website: 6112 n florida ave tampa, Florida United States of America

Phone: aggravation

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