ABC Bartending Schools Review


First off, when I caller they said that class was only $289 after the incident they have a Groupon for $199 for the 40 hour class so they charged me about $90 more. I paid on Friday in full to start Monday. The refund policy is that you must write them b certified mail 3 day in advance for a full refund. I started Monday, the first half hour the instructor by the name of Gregg showed us two drinks. He then said to practice with each other and sat down on his computer and ignored us. When I asked for help from him he was rude and snapped at me. | For some reason the girls I was “teamed up” with ignored me and were rude. It was very uncomfortable and for some reason the girls had a problem with me, if I had to guess it would be because of the color of my skin. I was the only white girl in class. One of the girls got real rude and I told her to. Or talk to me like that, all four black girls started ganging up on me and the one girl physically attacked me throwng a book down pushing me before the teacher got off his a** to stop her. | I said I want a refund and they told me no and that we both needed to go back to class. | I am 30 years old and I do not take being physically assaulted as a shrug off the shoulder and especially when the girls were all being very hostile. I was refused a refund and the girl that attacked me left on her own will to come back the next day. I was told to go to lunch and I then left and filed a police report. I am waiting to hear back from the police about the investigation and I am not going back to waste my time with teachers that do not teach and just sit and to be assaulted. I wasted my money and time and it’s not right. Total scam.

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