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ABR Houston ABR Houston, your BMW specialists ABR Houston is overpriced, unprofessional and far from punctual and if thatís not enough they will openly bad mouth you for their mistakes on social media. Spring Texas!!. I had my car shipped to ABR Houston, since they specialize in BMWs, after being unsuccessful with repair to my car locally. The timing on my car was going off. I suspected the cause of the timing issue was due to an issue with my crank hub. I communicated this to the owner, Alex, who refused to inspect this and properly diagnose the root cause of my issue as requested because he said it would cause him too much extra work. I requested several times to have my crank hub inspected, but instead of listening to the customer and checking, Alex, the owner refused to do as I requested and mocked me, which is poor customer service and completely unprofessional. In order to properly diagnose and repair the issue, it is imperative that the crank hub be inspected. There are several components attached to the crank hub (such as the timing sprocket, oil pump sprocket and grip disks) all of which can cause timing issues as I suggested. Instead of inspecting the components I requested, Alex simply retimed my engine (which is the exact thing that was done locally and failed prior to shipping my car to ABR. As soon as I received the car back from ABR the timing immediately went off. ABR kept my car from 8/14/17-12/19/17 and did not actually resolve the issue that I shipped the car to them to resolve. I had to send my car to another technician, who confirmed the issue was with the crank hub just as I had suspected. I had to pay the cost of shipping to and from ABR and was charged $2824 by ABR, who failed to properly repair my car because they refused to listen to me. I was without my car for 4 months and then had to send it elsewhere to have it repaired. All the time without my car and the money I spent for ABR to simply retime my car and overcharge for it at that. Not only did Alex, the owner of ABR, refuse to listen to my concerns he mocked my request. In the end I was right and had Alex listened to me, my car could have been returned from ABR repaired properly as I expected. He tried to blame the issues with my car on tuning, which is funny because I use the same exact tuner as ABR and tuning was not the issue. Then to top it all off after wasting my time and money and returning my car in the same exact condition in which it was sent to him in, he mocked me on social media then blocked me to keep me from responding. ABR is overpriced, unprofessional and far from punctual and if thatu2019s not enough they will openly bad mouth you for their mistakes on social media.

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