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Complaint: I have a 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe, now with a dead battery. On my 2001 Tahoe, I had the same problem with the battery leak on the positive side of the terminal. Just as I was thinking that the 2 year mark was approaching, you guessed it. Battery is leaking and died. I was told that on GM products in particular, the positive terminal side of the cable is not as big of a guage wire as it should be in order to make good contact. So instead of GM putting bigger cables on, they tighten up the positive side a lot more to insure that a good contact is made. No changes were made by the GMC in order to save on production cost. And I’m sure to charge on the maintenance side. This causes the stress on the positive side which leads to the leaks. Made since to me. This again was explained to me by someone with the Dealership. I was also charged by the dealership to “neutralize”” the battery acid as it could eat thru the rest of my cables ie

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Address: brakes. Just wondering if anyone else got the same story as I did. Wut Austin


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