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ACA Automotive Extremely Insensitive Long Beach California!!. I went into ACA Automotive to have a smog check. I brought my son with me for assistance, which I need because I am visually impaired, blind in one eye and very low vision in my other eye. Victor Paz behind the counter handed me a clipboard to fill out the info on my car and I handed it to my son saying “I didn’t bring my reading glasses” Victor whipped off his glasses and made like to hand them to me, I said,”thanks they won’t do me any good, I’m blind in one eye.” He laughed at that, laughed hard enough to shake his whole body, then he said me too, and continued to laugh. To me that was very humilitating. Being blind was a very very difficult adjustment to learn to lilve with. It is defintley not a laughing matter, and not a joke. I sat there in the lobby and debated with myself wheather to speak to him about his behavior and decided not to bother. How he dealt with people’s disabilities would not be changed by my bringing it to his attention.

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