Acai Burn Racine Wisconsin Review


I ordered a free sample of acai capsules from this business. My bill was to be $4.95 for shipping and the 30 day supply of capsules was to be a free trial. I printed the bill of sale as a receipt for the transaction and gave them my credit card for the postage. After receiving the capsules I decided I did not want to continue to receive shipments at a cost of $59.95 per month for a 3 month supply. That would be almost $180.00 to continue with the program. nWhen I called to cancel I was told it would cost me $59.95 for the 30 day supply I already received. When I asked about the free trial they explained that was for the program and not the capsules. My paperwork distinctly states 30 day supply of capsules for the price of FREE plus shipping of $4.95 for a grand total of $4.95. Now they want $59.95 for these free capsules. nBethnRacine, WisconsinU.S.A.

3600 Army Post Rd Des Moines, Iowa U.S.A.


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