Access America Transport Inc. Review


This company is worthless. Complete disregard for the consumer. I had 1) a medical issue that made traveling difficult compounded by 2) an airplane mechanical issue that would have necessitated my staying overnight at JFK or a hotel nearby. I had two legitimate claims. Claim was denied. I have spent 6 months submitting and re-submitting paper work. My physician has written and submitted two different forms (as if she has nothing better to do). She”s astonished that (at best) Access America is incompetent or (at worst) corrupt, a scam. I think they have a “war of attrition” going on. If they can just “lose paperwork”, delay response, “lose paperwork” AGAIN, eventually we”ll just go away. I”ve got news for you, Jeff Hyman, VP of Customer Relations: I”m not going away.

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