Accredo Health Group Complaint


Accredo is holding my daughter”s medication hostage at this point. It is a time sensitive medication that I called for on time and they keep putting it on hold due to a billing issue. They never informed me of the issue either by phone or in writing. The issue was they were billing the wrong part of my insurance. I have still yet to receive my daughter”s time sensitive medication. She needed it last week. They still haven”t sent it out. My insurance company has called them four times now. This is absolutely absurd that they would hold an 8 year olds medicine from her. This company is ridiculous. People don”t want these medications THEY NEED THEM!!! Why would anyone do this? I called for a tracking number today and it STILL HASN”T BEEN SENT! They said there”s so much to do before it is sent. I told them they have had more than enough time to do that since it was supposed to be here last week. I am trying to find a new specialty pharmacy because I will not deal with this company ever again. They are willing to hurt children. That is not ok.

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