AccuQuest Hearing Centers Review


He took me into his office w/o any follow up testing being done, and began a HARD sales pitch for me to buy hearing aids. When I explained to him that I couldn’t afford them, he went into several options for purchase, none of which were feasable for me. He then began to ask if I knew anyone who could help me make this purchase. When I said no, it was as if he intended to do nothing else. He reluctantly gave me a 5 minute test in the booth with the beeping sounds. His test showed 50% hearing loss in both ears. I asked him to compare this to my hearing test last year, becasue last year’s test showed a 70% hearing loss, and a very thorough test was done. When I asked about the descrepancy, he backpaddled verbally and covered himself by stating “there’s a margin of error in the test.” There sould NOT be any margin of error when the test determines how the hearing aids will be set up for you! When I mentioned bringing a friend for a familiar voice test, he invited her into his office and stated, “well, I wasn’t planning on doing this, but since you asked…” I took the familiar voice test and missed over half the words. He continued his HARD sales pitch, and asked how my friend and I knew each other. When I said through church, he had the AUDACITY to suggest that I ask my church to help me purchase hearing aids!! He also asked me and my friend if we knew anyone else who needed hearing aids. Last but not least, when I told him I was going to check into getiing the DHHS of NC to assist me, he went into a long tirade about how they “take forever,” and “pick and choose” who l they want to help. Lastly, he asked my friend if she knew anyone she could refer. I was appalled by this entire situation! I will NOT be using these services again, as obviously, it’s all about sales, instead of assisting people with GOOD customer service and assistance!

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