Ace Hardware Review


I just flew in from Los Angeles and our garage in Phoenix had just broken and needed some parts so I went to an Ace Hardware store ONLY because it was much closer to go to then Home Depot. One of my good friends went with me and witness the lawsuit I will be filing against these people who work there. I was wearing a very expensive Robert Graham backpack that had my personal things since I just flew in to town. I was told that I need to keep my expensive back back upfront with them. When I asked why, “you might steal something and put it in your back back. Wtf! So I asked again, and the same answer. Didn’t they see what just happened at Starbucks a few days ago about a black man was refused a bathroom key because he didn’t purchase anything and… Not only did it appear as the manager assaulted me because I took pictures of all the employees and he didn’t like it. I asked him why did he push me he said he was just trying to leave bull crap. Really. Watch how I will make sure you go out of business! I am Jewish, handicap and have been suffering from cancer related illness and I have to endure this.


Name: Ace Hardware

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Weston

Address: 16664 Saddle Club Rd

Phone: 1-866-290-5334


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