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ACE Rent a Car Don’t Rent from ACE. They will rip you off. Orlando Florida!!. DON’T RENT FROM ACE!! THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY! When checking in we were asked if we wanted insurance. We told them no, we had talked to our insurance agent and had coverage so we didn’t need it. After realizing our bill was double what was quoted we tried to start calling to find out why. It was virtually impossible to reach them. It continuously went to a full voice mailbox. When I finally talked to someone, we found out the charge was for insurance at $15.99 per day!! We were also talked into the tolls which was $6.99 per day. So much for our deal we were quoted. But of course there is never a manager there for us to talk to. After a month of calling and talking to several people…one of which told me they would get the charge removed. I have just been told today they will do nothing about it. Their customer service sucks and their supervisor is rude and dismissive. They pretty much stole money from us. We will never do business with ACE again and I will do everything I can to let everyone know they steal money and dodge customers that have an issue with their business practices. I don’t know if every location does business this way. I know I will not be using them again anywhere.

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