Acorn Stairlifts, Inc. rockville centre New York Review


Acorn Stairlifts Inc has had a history of sending their older Surveyor/Sales Representatives on: (1) appointments further away from their home territory, asking their older reps to often travel 3 hours each way to their one appointment in a given day. Not allowing for more than one chance to close a sale in a given day. (2) a fewer number of appointments than are provided to younger reps in the company. Younger reps are often given 10-15 appts. per week whereas older reps are only given 3-5 appts.per week. (3) Older reps are given lesser quality appointments or ‘quality C appts” whereas younger reps are given higher quality appts. or ‘quality A appts.””

therby assuring that the closing ratio will always be higher for the younger reps. (4) Acorn Stairlifts

Inc.has cut the commission structure fo their reps by $250-$300

if they don’t close the sale by midnight of the day of their appt. Thereby assuring that older reps will make less commissions than younger reps because of fewer total number of appts. given to older reps. and often sales are made at lower prices by the “”Inside Unsold Sales Team”” a day or week after the original appt. (5) Acorn Stairlifts has repeatedly delayed paying commissions to their older Sales Reps even after the sale has been fully paid for and installed. (6) Acorn Stairlifts allows their younger reps go to a lower price at the appt. than older reps are allowed to go to. Thereby assuring more sales by younger reps. (7)In general Acorn Stairlifts Inc. is also deceiving older customers into paying $4600 for a product that shouldn’t cost any more than $3

000!! Acorn Stairlifts will only allow older reps to go down to $3800 for a model

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