ACS Legal Department mocksville North Carolina


Complaint: got a phone call stating that criminal charges were being downloaded against me on tuesday of next week. i state downloading criminal charges, i’ve never heard of that being done. he proceeds to talk over me. i asked him what were the charges and who took them out. he proceeds to tell me that all i needed to know was that charges were being downloaded against me on tuesday and i needed to retain a lawyer. i said what for what are u &*&**&* talking about. i want to know what are the charges and who filed them. he says i know how to handle people like you. all the while he is speaking broken english and trying to over talk me again. i called a local attorney and my local police department. they said it sounded like a scam. while i was talking to the officer, this man calls back. when i answer and tell him that an officer from my hometown wanted to talk to him he HANGS UP quickly. the officer told me to dismiss it. i recorded the calls from ACS cause my cell phone has this feature. when i told him that this call was being recorded for legal purposes he hung up again. he then leaves a voicemail saying call them back the phone got disconnected. when i returned the call they slipped up and told me the name of the company. i recorded another call and told them that if they couldn’t send nothing in writing dont call my phone anymore. i proceeded to look up the company, and got linked to this website. i wanted to post my traumatic story so others would know that it is all a scam for money and that i will be filing a class action suit in the near future. the economy is bad, i’m unemployed and i dont deserve having someone stressing me and trying to scam me for the little money that i do have.

Tags: Bad Check Writers

Address: CHULA VISTA DRIVE LOS ANGELES, California United States of America


Phone: 3238639802

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