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Action Car Rentals NU Car Rentals Would not honor contract Orlando FL Florida!!. We rented a minivan for our annual family vacation but when we got there today, Reuben informed us that we would only be getting 100 miles per day since we lived in FL. My confirmation says unlimited miles. I even showed Reuben but he said it was just their policy and that I should have seen it in the fine print. I gave him my phone with the confirmation email and asked him to show me. He spent several minutes scrolling through, clicking links, trying to find this mysterious policy. He could not and just handed me the phone back and said itu2019s in there somewhere. Since it would have cost us several more hundreds of dollars in mileage, we had to cancel the reservation even though we prepaid for the insurance and now we have to postpone our vacation by a day until we can get another van from Enterprise.

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