I would not recommend ACTION GARAGE DOORS AND SERVICE I used this company a couple of years ago and I thought they were OK, but this time around was totally different. My garage door was acting up, but nothing major. One employee came out and said nothing was wrong – he even broke one of my springs to prove a point, but then fixed it. Very rude and arrogant. The garage door was still acting up, so the owner (KEN) came out and said the door was broke and pressured us to buy new doors. Why would his son say nothing was wrong with it, but then the owner said it was broke and I needed all new doors?? I felt very pressured to buy right then and there. I called ACTION GARAGE DOORS the very next morning to cancel or hold my order, because I just did NOT have a good feeling about this company and they way they presented themselves and I wanted to get other bids. ONE has 3 days to legally get out of any contract and KEN would not let me do so. He said I would lose the $1200 I paid up front. One of the employees broke a beautiful antique chair I had in the garage and did not even own up to it. When I confronted Ken, he said he would pay for the repairs to the chair and that “I am good for it.”” He also said he would credit me a $60 service call and when I have tried to call him to hold him to his agreements

he has NEVER returned my phone calls. ACTION GARAGE DOOR has NO integrity or customer service and seem to care only about themselves. PLEASE DO NOT USE ACTION GARAGE DOOR AND SERVICE as you will surely regret your decision. I sure have!!”

3588 S. 500 W. Salt Lake City, Utah United States

801 262-5688

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