Action Transmission Center Bullhead City Arizona


Complaint: I had taken my vehicle to this trany shop and from the get go they gave m a verbal agreement that went from 1140.00 to 1744.72. They had said from the test drive’ It;s your lucky day .we have one in stock!.s from them takins us home in our vehicle that the transmission was apparantly shot;That had only needed “3RD gear from what we could tell..We have only drove and put on it since it was done 27 miles.They are now wanting another 800.00 and are not going to honor ther work.WE are not actualy sure of what they have done due to no paper work what so ever

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Address: We have only the original recentt not anything that they have done from then til now.They will not give us any receipts for the work that they have done.The van was only out of the shop to drive home and now over heats and does not even shift gears properly. Robert & barbara Bullhead City

Website: 928-758-4455

Phone: ArizonaU.S.A.”

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