ACTS Fleet Maintenance


ACTS Fleet Maintenance ACTS Fleet RIP OFF STAY AWAY Knoxville,Nashville, Tennessee!!. This company is a complete joke.. I worked there until October of this year. Claim to be a “Christian” based company there is NOTHING Christian a/b them. Owner is a complete scam artists, his son worked with me and is a druggy, his other son is a technican in Knoxville where i used to work. If a technician breaks something while working on your vehicle the owner will charge you for it. Pricing structure is a complete rip off. The company can’t even pay their own bills, but will terrorize you for not paying for repairs. Our paychecks sometimes couldn’t cash because no money in bank. Crappy building w/ no heat at all except for small space heaters. One knoxville store is a mitsubishi dealer, and rely on 1 technician for proper diagnosis. Make their money by doing crappy repairs, short cutting the repair and overbill you on the proper labor time. The technicians there are just parts changers not mechanics. If they don’t know what is wrong the will just write up alot of stuff and if doesn’t fix it then just tell you there is more still to do. Best advice is stay away and go somewhere else, the labor rates there are comparible to the dealer and parts are cheapest parts they can buy and charge you more than dealer pricing.. Hope this information helps you to not go there and run away as fast as possible.

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