Adag International Trading PLC Review


In December 2016 we wired out USD $41,000+ as down Payment to their Bank Account No.2500010033092 in Ethiopia for 8 Containers of Pinto and Black Beans. Both of which were supposed to be shipped out to Port Everglades, Miami within 3 weeks of receiving the 30% Down Payments they had requested. Until now, they have failed to deliver on their promises. Many times, they have sent us shipping documents showing that the containers were being processed and on their ways. Still nothing. They have also offered to return the funds, which they have not done so far.


Name: Adag International Trading PLC

Country: Ethiopia


City: Yeka Sub

Address: Addis Ababa City Administration, , 22 Lex Plaza Building, 8th Floor Room No.

Phone: 251 -114-702828


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