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Air Canada #7314 30APR RDU/Toronto 610A 800A Seats 3A/3C | Air Canada #5 30APR Toronto/ Tokyo Haneda 145P 350P+1 Seats 3D/3G | Japan Airlines #258 21MAY Hiroshima/ Tokyo Haneda 115P 235P Airport check in for seats | Air Canada #2 21MAY Tokyo Haneda / Toronto 540P 445P Seats 3D/3G | Air Canada #7319 21MAY Toronto/RDU 855P 1036P Seats 3A/3C | These were booked through a wholesaler, Ted Habib at Adam Travel. He was working with Adam Travel at the time and they were the issuing agency. We actually booked our trip through Travel Trends in Hauppauge, NY . They went to Adam Travel as their wholesaler for our flights. | All flight information and seating with Air Canada was confirmed the day prior to the our departure and all seemed to be in order. When we checked in for our first flight on April 30th, Air Canada checked their documents and again, nothing raised a red flag and we were allowed to leave the country. | When we tried to return home from Japan at the Hiroshima airport, Japan Airlines told us that the e-tickets they were holding were invalid and only good for their outbound flights. | We figured we would straighten everything out on the next leg when we got to Tokyo at Haneda airport with Air Canada so we paid the Japan Airline fee (HIJ/HND), hence the charge of $212.26. | Upon arriving in Tokyo we immediately went to the Air Canada ticket counter and were told the same thing. The ticket had only been issued one way. We argued and were upset that we had to pay for flights we thought we already had but also for not being told of this situation when Air Canada checked us in on our departure and checked our documentation. | Being made to purchase tickets in order to return home, we first tried to purchase coach tickets but none were available. We then purchased business class tickets on his American Express card for ourselves and were charged $7547.48 per ticket and a ticketing fee of $24.30 per ticket. | We were seated in the exact same seats that were originally confirmed for us. | Adam Travel issued the tickets incorrectly as one-way tickets instead of a roundtrip tickets. Ted Habib has confirmed his mistake in writing. Travel Trends have sent Adam Travel several certified letters that were not signed for and returned to sender, including a letter from their attorney. | I have disputed these charges of close to $16,000 with AMEX, my credit card company, but they have informed me I need to be reimbursed for all my charges from Adam Travel.


Name: Adam Travel

Country: United States

State: Massachusetts

City: Boston

Address: 7 Marshall Street

Phone: (617) 367-7155


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