Adams Automotive Complaint


Avoid using these people. I took my truck in for repairs. I told them what my truck needed to run properly. They didn’t do what I requested. But they claimed to do $500 worth of labor on something. After 3 days, I took my truck back because the problem remained. They kept it for 4 more days. They wouldn’t even call my number to say what they found, they called my wife telling her that they couldn’t see a problem. I picked my truck up again. I took it back in 2 days because what I requested them to do in the first place, still was not done. They kept it for one more week, then called telling me that I needed another part that they weren’t even sure would correct the problem. However, they were willing to charge me more money for whatever their new prognosis was. I feel that if they were qualified mechanics, they would’ve recognized the real problem in the first place. It shouldn’t have required 3 trips to them if they couldn’t repair it in the first place. I’m still not clear what I was billed $500 for. The truck is running the same as it was on the first trip in.

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