Adco Media Corporation Complaint


ADCO MEDIA launches another new publication to DUPE SMALL BUSINESSES into advertising! In order to get around all the complaints posted about their other titles, they’ve launched The Best Of whatever city, town or neighborhood, in order to secure outrageously expensive ad rates. They have a new website,, to support their claim of internet advertising, which is nothing more than the ad. While they sell a 6 months shelf life, they never tell their clients how many copies they print. And, they do not print anywhere near enough to keep their rack stocked. I know, as I monitor the rack on a 3x weekly basis and I’ve seen ADCO cycle through several different titles. These sales reps will say anything to get a sale, and they will charge only a few dollars to the last few who agree to run. They close the sale by saying it is the “STORE’S” magazine – and in some cases, that the store has the final say on who gets to advertise in it!! And, they rarely, if ever, make good on the tv promise…which is nothing more than your same ad if they ever do it.

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