Admiral Van Lines


Snakeoil sales people!! They start at one price, then LITERALLY double it on you!!!! I had to call the police!!!! the move was about 1.5miles from our old apartment, so driving was no real factor. I told the lowlife foreman that when the police come and realize that he’s an illegal (I think from some soviet republic) I seemed to have struck a chord….hehehe……he started to stew….then about 30 minutes later, in super Caspian accented distant cousin of English, he tells me ‘I khefff emmerrikin paawwsport… seyys peepel of zeh united steeets…’. so he puts me on the phone with Anatoly, who sounds like he could be Stalin’s nephew. | We get into a pissing match, and we end up settling in the middle, and only because he was holding my stuff hostage. He asked me about a tip, and, well, lets just say that my reaction was not for little children’s ears. So they demanded food, which is ok, they need to eat, but then the boorish foreman complains that it was too slow……after the debacle, he refused to eat it, and refused to let his guys eat it…. Bottom line, my advice to you, if you have all this crap that you have no intention of keeping, and want to just get rid of it, sign them up, let them double the price on you, then tell them you’re not paying so they can keep it!!! I crack myself up…… but for real…….DO NOT USE THESE LOW-CLASS, SNAKEOIL GRAVE ROBBERS!!!! THEY REEK OF THIEVERY!!!

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