Adorable Aussies


She did not have any kind of injury. My vet diagnosed this and provided Kim with documentation. This condition is genetic and often within 6 months the other leg will go. The surgical correction which is necessary at this stage is $3100 plus $400 for exam and x- rays with 8-12 weeks of recovery necessary. Double that if the other knee goes. A vet can diagnose this without x-rays by exam especially when it’s as bad as my puppy. Look it up. Kim refused a refund when I said I would return the puppy and refused to provide a comparable puppy. I have a small blue merle girl with blue eyes.She would give a blue merle girl SOMETIME with no guarantee on eye color and no health guarantee at all. Kim refused to do ANYTHING since I wasn’t giving the puppy Nu-Vet vitamins which her contract calls for and she would receive a commission on. My vet did not believe these vitamins are necessary. This clause in her contract is unethical and probably illegal. PLEASE THINK TWICE so you don’t have the heartache I do! There are lots of good toy Aussie breeders elsewhere.

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