Adore Me NORTH BEND Washington Review


Decided to try out Adore me’s subscription service. For a monthly fee they send you three bra sets, you try them on and either return them with their label or keep the ones you like. Its promoted as easy and hassle free to return. I got the box after a long wait and found the lingerie to be not up to my standards so I returned the box using their lable and instructions the very next day. I then cancelled the service receiving an email saying it was cancelled. A week or two later I got an email saying my next box was scheduled and that I was charged for keeping all three bra sets. I emailed once, got an email saying a ticket was opened on my case and then a few minutes later another saying they closed the ticket and hoped I was happy with the outcome. I emailed again saying no I had had no resolution. I heard nothing but continued to email daily until I got another email saying my subscription was cancalled but nothing about the charge for the three bras. Finally I got an email saying the bras had to go through “quality control”” before they could credit me for bras I did not keep or want and that was IF they got them but hadn’t gotten them so far. I continue to email asking questions and they continue to ignore me. I really hope another box doesn’t show up for this month.”

499 7th Avenue, 19th Floor, South New York, New York United States

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