Adrian Cooling


Complaint: Sellers should be warned about Adrian Cooling residing at 104 Brookgreen Way in Deland FL.. Adrian Cooling is nothing more than a two bit theif that will take delivery of an item and then file a dispute with his credit card claiming he didnt receive the item, when confirmed tracking information clearly shows it has always been in his possession for months. Cooling will go to a merchant’s online store and purposely violate policies as he sees fit. Cooling has no concerns for a merchant’s policies when it clearly states that they only ship to a credit card’s confirmed address. On the same exact page where it states it multiple times, he will try to have he item shipped to another address other than the credit card’s billable address only to attempt to defraud the merchant by filing the same type of dispute claiming non receipt of merchandise. Cooling expects merchants to violate their own terms and conditions so he can try to steal products from them. Despite the numer of attempts you intiate to contact this theif, he will purposely run and hide behind his credit card company. This person is so pathetic he’s willing to steal anything he gets his hands on, including a purchase of $10.

Tags: Computer Fraud

Address: 104 Brookgreen Way Deland Fl, FL United States


Phone: 904-962-1599

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