I to have one of those net co. not one penny have I made . They tell me it is my advertising .I have spent several thousand dollars on advertising in the five months I have had this co. I still have not seen a dime . They are in cahoots with the site readers . they re rout sales .I personally had a friend purchase from my site it took five days to get a conformation that he had purchased any thing. I only receive the sale after I bitched for days . There excuse They had no Idea the system is admitted . I tried it several times there after still Not a dime and and no conformation that an order had gone threw. I am still with this co. till I can resolve all the issues. My site is (((link redacted))) nI agree that it takes time and the fee would be justified. How ever they said the same song and dance to me. You get what you put in. I have invested four straight months .Hundreds if not thousands of hours in this site .I have done every thing suggested one would need to get this dead duck in the air . I have done top notch advertising with metro mix, city link. News papers . Number one advertising mags in five different states. did Google ads Internet advertising .I am listed and not much ells. I have since opening this site on 9/11 of 08 received zero training as said would happen and have a coach. Never happened .If having some one avoid you and or snort a line over the phone as you are asking them were your money has gone . Then yes they did there part. nI have to date spent 5000.00 dollars on this site from Adriatic Services Your adult Have consulted specialist in web building .Designed and redesigned to specialize my site and still nothing. nI have had More than one hundred thousand visitors (100, 000.00) to my site since I have opened .NOT ONE sale reported. The odds of averages are against that out come all together. nIf you are looking to better your self and make real if any money at all I DO NOT ENDORSE ADRIATIC SERVICES /YOUR ADULT STORE.NET. They are not the place to invest your money. nThey tell you straight out the only way you are going to make money with this site is to sell, NOT ON YOUR OWN SITE, but to sell on ebay and do home parties, What is wrong with the web site I just paid 1, 500.00 for? Why is that not working?. I make a suggestion. For me I am keeping the site. Only to use them as they have me. I am Making a new site from a company that specializes in adult sites they will charge me 500.00 for the whole ball of wax. It does not have as many pages for every item but then again It does not have to . nI will promote any item when and how I like . All sales will then be reported and processed by me. I get the order then order it straight from them and have it dropped shipped by them . Doing all of this whole sale then have my own up pricing . Did you ever notice how there shipping prices change as well ? It is organic, it does what ever it likes . comparison items in size and weight could and do have different shipping prices. That is the only way with out getting them to pay me back, Will I make back and then some my investment. I should not have to work all that hard for this . It said it is a turn key. some turn key ,strait to my bank account. nof cores that is theory to use them as a drop shipper. why should I have to go to these extremes to may or may not retrieve my investment? nstarboxxxnmiami, FloridaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Ripoff Scams, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.

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