Advanced Auto Detailing Advanced Protection Systems


Advanced Auto Detailing/ Advanced Protection Systems Advanced Protection systems, Advanced reconditioning, detailing and protection services,ARD, ApsRecon Abusive Words, Racist, Very Rude, Swearing, Low Class, Degrading a person, Scam, Thieves, No Manners, Mission Viejo, California!!. This company are a BIG rip-off, they are thieves, thier work is absolutely rubbish no wonder there are so many bad reviews and reports on them, I should have listened to all these reports, buit I thought I would give them a chance, but to my utter shock and dissapointment. i have never dealt with a more dis-honest, corrupt, RUDE company. I spoke to a guy who was so rude and so low class, he swore, how unproffesional!!! he just called me many degrading words and full of racism. WOW, i am in utter shock!!!!!! please please stay away from this company and all involved with it, go to a trusted, good rated establishment. STAY AWAY, they should not be allowed to bussiness, they are thieves, and ripping people off their hard earned money!!!

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