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If you are considering Advanced Construction and Renovation (ACR) for mold remediation, please read this and other reviews, consider yourself lucky, and ran away from ACR as fast as you can! Please also read other reviews about this company on Yelp. The company engages in deceitful business practices. From online reviews, it seems that while they were in the business of remodeling, they engaged in poor workmanship and inflated invoicing. When they added mold remediation practices a couple years ago, they took the fraudulent approach to the new and much higher level. This is their mold remediation practice: – The company leads customers into a belief that mold remediation services that they provide are covered by insurance (which may be covered or partly covered in some cases, but not always). – You sign a wickedly cleverly created one page contract, where you u201csell your soul to devilu201d. Specifically, you allow them to enter your property and provide any services to u201cbring the property backu201d while you u201chold them harmlessu201d if they remove their drying machines u201cprematurelyu201d – The company avoids providing estimates, as they convince owners that they will be billing insurance company directly. – They place humidifiers and HEPA air vacuums, and continue billing exorbitant amounts for the machines. These charges may be different for different costumers, yet may charge $130 for one machine per day, while the retail price of a brand new machine is $1000. – They inflate and/or fraud the labor charges. – If the insurance company denies a claim, a consumer gets slammed with an impressive invoice. Even in cases where an insurance company provides loss coverage, a consumer gets stuck with overages, because usually insurance companies are smart enough to only pay reasonable charges. – The company intimidates customers by threatening legal action and placing a lien on their property right away when a customer receives and questions an inflated invoice. From the reviews below, a customer paid an invoice under the legal intimidation, even without having seen at the actual invoice. If you are subjected to any of these practices, please take the steps below. Even if you already paid your inflated or fraudulent invoice under the u201clegalu201d threat, please take these steps for the sake of others, – Submit a complaint with Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. They hold licenses CBC1254776, QB26486, MRSR750 – Submit a complaint with Better Business Bureau – Submit a complaint with Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Protection – Submit a complaint with Office of Florida Attorney General: – Email and explanation what happened in your individual case along with your contact info to: [email protected]

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