Advanced Facilities Maintenance Corporation Review


My small general contracting company is owed in excess of a 5-digit dollar amount from Advanced Facilities Maintenance Corp. some invoices that are nearing on being a year & a half old without resolution from AFMC whatsoever. I have spoken to over a dozen different people within the company myself [not mentioning the countless calls my other staff members have made], been given 10 times that in excuses, & the worst of it all is that myself & my staff have been LIED to on too many occasions to remember! What kind of company that outsources for contractors to do the actual work they get paid off of, would think they can continue to operate if this is the type of customer service they offer?! Not a single person, let alone an entire company would actually believe these shotty business practices to be conducive to repeat business & to long lasting business relationships…which says, THEY DON’T GIVE A CRAP WHETHER ANYONE CONTINUES TO WORK WITH THEM OR NOT BECAUSE THEY GET PAID NO MATTER WHAT & DON’T CARE WHETHER THEY PAY US AFTER! I cannot believe they are still operating as business, but if EVERYONE that’s been affected by these scumbags makes the appropriate reports to the right parties/authorities, something will have to be done eventually! I have been struggling just to get a human being on the other end of phone these past few months so at this point, I am ready to move full steam ahead with a lawsuit & pursue the payment & loss my business, myself & my family have suffered due to the despicable behavior & inconvenience this so-called company has shown us over the course of the last 2 years! I hope that by spreading the word & sharing my current situation & bad standing with AFMC that it will help someone else to avoid suffering a loss or just the headache with it!

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