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Complaint: I heard an ad on my local christian radio station saying I would receive 2,000 grocery card for participating in a study to track consumer purchases. I called the number, and the CSR said that I would receive a mastercard for 1,000 to purchase anything except acohol, and tobacco products. I asked why it was 1,000 instead of the 2,000 that is advertised and he stated because it was the location that I called into it was based on where I called. I purchased the card for 19.95. and after 10 days the card still had not arrived so I called again, and spoke with another CSR reassuring me that the card would arrive on Oct 13 and if it did not I could call and get a refund. I called for my refund on Oct 14 and this Rep said that the other reps put in the wrong address and I could not get a refund until the package was delivered to me and I send it back to them. After this I looked them up on line to find that it is a SCAM, with a capitol S, so I called again asking if I would receive a grocery card or coupons and she stated it would be a packet for me to sign up for the program. If you hear these ads on the radio do not respond, it is a ripoff, and I am doing everything in my power to get the word out.

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Phone: 1-888-761-1039

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