Advanced Process Serving, LLC Review


Matthew Leffert of Advanced Process Serving, LLC of Hillsboro, MO called me in June of this year, 2016, asking that I secure a notarized signature from an individual on an affidavit. Mr. Leffert requested that the work be done that same day, and assured me that he would “over night” my fee to me. Mr. Leffert explained that he had been trying to obtain the signature for quite some time and that the affidavit was needed immeditely in court proceedings. I agreed to do the work. | Later that afternoon, I e-mailed a color copy of the signed and notarized affidavit to Mr. Leffert, and provided him with the amount he owed me for the work. I pointed out in that e-mail that I would expect payment of the amount due some time the following day. | When I did not receive that payment, late the following afternoon I e-mailed Mr. Leffert and questioned why I had not received payment as he had promised. When I had received no response from Mr. Leffert by late the following day, I e-mailed him again, asking for payment. I still received no response. When I had still not received payment about a week later, I e-mailed Mr. Leffert again, indicating to him that if I had not received payment by the end of that week, I would take additional steps to secure that payment. | After receiving this last e-mail, within minutes, Mr. Leffert send me a text indicating he was in court, that he had asked the attorney for whom he was working when he asked me to secure the affidavit to pay my invoice, that I would get paid, and that I should not “threaten” him. I thanked him for the reply. I have not been able to make contact with him since and have still not received payment, now five (5) months after the work was done for Mr. Leffert. | Because of that non-payment, I have notified the judge who was presiding over the case for which the affidavit was obtained of Mr. Leffert’s actions and have notified the presiding judge in the county where Mr. Leffert’s business is based of the same. It is my understanding process servers serve at the pleasure of this presiding judge.


Name: Advanced Process Serving, LLC

Country: United States

State: Missouri

City: Hillsboro

Address: 10310 Business 21

Phone: (877) 789-2305


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