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While surfing the web, and possibly Facebook, I saw a post regarding CBD Oil that Montel Williams promoted and even named his company, Lenitiv Labs. As a sufferer of rheumatoid arthritis I was interested in finding relief for inflammation and to hopefully reduce the amount of pharmaceuticals I am currently taking. I ordered the trial offer of CBD Oil for approximately $5. I received the trial products with the brand name of “pure isolate.” Today, I received in the mail a bottle labeled “P ISO Hemp Oil.” It came with a packing slip with the name “AOH Health.” I called the number on the slip, 855-710-1411 to inquire about this shipment as I had not ordered it. It was due to the trial sample I ordered and the reoccurring monthly shipment of the hemp Oil at a charge of $92.71. After a lengthy nerve racking conversation with a customer service rep from India, I got (hopefully) my reoccurring shipment cancelled. But it was not easy. I also do not believe when I ordered the trial there was anything about the monthly shipments as I always watch for those. One of the reasons I bought this product was it was promoted as Montel Williams company and I trusted him. This was a fraudulent advertising and deceptive. Tim Issac (the owner of said company) needs to be held accountable and punished. I see he was just released in 2014 for fraudulent activity. I saw where Montel has sued Tim Issac. I hope Mr Williams wins. And hopefully I don’t have to deal with this anymore,

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