We bought a customized product from Advandate, they said they will fix it within one month. More the 3 months after they should have delivered, we still not have a working product. We have asked for a refund several times, they say no. It happens sometimes, not often, that they answer on our complains. Three times they have given us a date when the product should be finished. Latest was several months ago… | Finally, we get a mail that everything was finished and they ask if they had missed anything. We write back the other day and ask how they could say that the work was finished when more than 80 % of the errors we had complained about still was there Of those errors about 10 where errors that had nothing to do with the customization but instead was in the “off-shell” product it was built on. We have never got any answer on that complain. | We also complained to our card company and asked for a refund as we had get a totally useless product. | The card company give Advandate a chance to response to our claims. Advandate start its response with, “On April 20th, 2018, Per Svensson with IP-address of xxxxxx purchased the dating software plus customization” | Despite of this, Advandate, on another site like this, where we also have complained about how the company work, answered on hour complaint 2018 11 19, | “Reply from Advandate Published 15 hours ago Yet another fake negative review. This is not a customer!” So, the company are not only scammers and thiefs, they are also liers and dumb as they not realice that we from several sources can prove that we are right. Stay far away from this company

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