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Advantage Rent a Car, E-Z Rent a Car Cancellation 2 months ago, still waiting for refund Nationwide!!. A day before my reservation I called to cancel my car reservation, as there’s a much cheaper option by B***** C** rental, I talked to the representative over the phone and he said there’s going to be a $50 cancellation fee, I agreed. Because after the $50, my new reservation would still be cheaper! The guy over the phone said he has cancelled it for me and I should be getting an email within a few hours. Nope, never received one. Of course on my trip I never bothered to go to Advantage to check because who thought what would go wrong? I kept waiting for the cancellation email, couple of days passed and still no news. On my last day of my vacation I decided to call them again making sure it was cancelled. What do you know, a different person on the line said there’s no sign of this reservation getting cancelled! So I talked to her, told her what happened, she said she’d cancel for me, and then she realized that the credit card on file was expired (my fault I guess?) and so she can’t issue a refund for me right away, she’ll have to MAIL a check to me, which will arrive in 30 days (snail mail?) Okay, so I patiently waited, 30 days passed, I’ve long returned home from my trip, still no sign of check! I called, emailed, called again, turned out no one can help me now. Apparently Advantage Car Rental was sold to E-Z Car Rental and Advantage can no longer help me and I have to call E-Z directly. When I call E-Z, they tell me I have to call advantage instead. When I put the reservation number into their website to check the status, it still says active, NOT cancelled. (It’s now end of February) 2 months have passed and I have no sign of receiving a refund, for a car that I cancelled, never picked up. What else can I say? Never, EVER rent cars from Advantage.

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