Advantage Rental Car -Airport


Advantage Rental Car -Airport Tried to double price Honolulu Hawaii!!. Arrived in Honolulu yesterday. We were late for our reservation, of course an hour in the Advantage line didnu2019t help. At the counter, we were told our reasonably priced vehicle was not available because we were late. A similar sized vehicle was available however for TWICE the price. Iu2019ve rented cars all over the world and have arrived unbelievably late for the pick up time and never, ever has a rental agent ever tried to profiteer, price gouge or try a bait and switch style tactic. The agent refused to give us his name, had no business cards and of course there was no manager on duty. Fortunately there are many other options for transportation and we took our business elsewhere. As all in our party will do in the future. Shame on Advantage!

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