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Advantage Rental Car FLL Picking up and driving a vehicle with tire problems is the customer(s) problem and their responsiblity. Their only remedy is to tow the vehicle. Dania, Florida!!. Rented a vehicle on April 7, 2018 and during the rental period, a warning light was displayed that the tires were low. I was travelling in stormy weather conditions in the evening, pulled over and placed a call to the airports counter, where the vehicle was rented from, informing the person of the problem. He responded that the tow truck company would be closing within fifteen minutes and there would be nothing that I could do as I would be on my own. He recommended that I wait to receive service the following morning. After eventually locating an air pressure machine, I inflated the tires to their correct pressure on my own. I decided to take the car early the following morning to a certified mechanic to check to ensure that the tires were properly inflated; thus, paying him cash. Upon returning the vehicle, I voiced my concerns to the receiving agent who suggested that I call the following business day and speak to their manager Daniel Figueroa. Several attempts in reaching the manager failed; therefore, speaking to Advantages Customer Services agent David who assigned a ticket number to the complaint, he explained that someone would call me back. Two days passed and I called the ticket counter and spoke with one of their staff Juliana who repeated that it was my responsibility; however, upon my request, she stated that their manager would call back. Another day elapsed and I spoke with the original person when I was encountering the problem. He determined it was my problem and there is nothing that he can do despite the fact that customers who rent vehicles expect it to be in good mechanical and working condition. Never will be renting from Advantage again, you get what you pay for.

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